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Snorkeling and Diving at Crystal Divers
Crystal Divers is a fully NAUI & PADI certified dive center catering to all levels of divers. Let Dan Grenier, Mike and Julie Trussell and our experienced crew guide you through the Bligh Waters to see spectacular coral reefs and dramatic drop-offs in our custom-built 40' dive boat. You'll see everything from gardens of giant sea fans and vibrant soft corals to barracuda, turtles, resident schools of tuna, and numerous species of sharks. Our world-class dive sites are also home to myriad colorful reef fishes and invertebrates, as well as occasional pelagic visitors such as mantas, whales, and dolphins.

Water Temperature
Summer (November to April):
80-85°F (bring a lycra or shortie)
Winter (May to October):
75°F (bring a 3mm full wetsuit)

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