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Crystal Divers Staff

Dan Grenier is a NAUI & PADI Instructor and certified EMT (Emergency Medical Tech). Joji has more than 12 years experience in the diving industry in Fiji, being born and raised on Taveuni. Bola has the best eyes for macro shots and for nudibranchs and lion fish. Alfred was raised on Nananu-I-Ra Island and is very safe. Alisi is the First Mate, she has been with Crystal Divers since its conception.

The Crystal Explorer: a 40 ft. custom designed aluminium jet boat with a cruising speed of 25 knots. Equipment includes O2, VHF Radio, GPS, Depth Sounder, Radar, 14 ft. Inflatable with a 25 HP outboard, Emergency and first aid kits with flotation gear for 20 passengers (14 divers maximum).

The Deep Blue: a 24 ft. aluminium outboard. Equipment to include, O2, VHF radio, first aid kit, life jackets. This boat is set up to handle 6 divers maximum.

Diving practices
We try to have as little impact on the reef as possible, so we dive in small groups (six divers at a time) and we don't drop any anchors. The diving is almost all drift diving, meaning that we swim or drift along with the current and the boat follows us. We occasionally dive pinnacles, where we have moorings. This means the boat is stationary and we swim around the pinnacles, starting at the greatest depth and working our way up to the surface. We don't ride on or harrass the marine life in any manner.

Gear to bring
We highly recommend that you bring your own gear -- mask, fins, wetsuit, BCD, regulator, and dive computer. Tanks and weight belts will be provided.

We have a wide range of TUSA and US Divers rental gear to accommodate up to 10 divers. We also have wetsuits, and a limited number of fins, mask and snorkels.

Things to bring
During the winter months (June to October, when the water temperature ranges from 70-80F), you might want a waterproof wind breaker for the boat trips and your surface interval.

Most of the time, guests can get away with a shorty or a lycra suit during summer (November to April). You will want to make sure you'll be warm by bringing a 3-mm to 4-mm full surf suit in the winter months (June to October).

We have spare hoses and are able to accommodate most minor adjustments to regulators if necessary. (Dan is a certified regulator technician for most manufacturers.)

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