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Tiny Fiji islands

Secluded beach

Aerial view

Honeymoon Beach

Kaleidoscope of Colors

Red-footed booby


Masquerade Party

Soft corals

Sea turtle

Rare Soft Coral

Giant sea fan

Dragon Nudibranch

Anemone Crab

Pipefish and crinoid

Nudibranch/Big Foot

Red Soft Corals

Manta ray above

School of anthias

Fish and soft corals

Sea snake

Hard corals


Dogtooth tuna

School of jacks

School of bannerfish

Spider Crab

Gorgonian sea fan

Manta ray overhead

Explosion of Color

Sea Fans and Crinoids

Barracuda Bowl

Colorful Neptune's Rhapsody

Anemone fish

White sands

Village church


Typical beach

Eel Magic

Crystal Explorer

Special thanks to our friends for the use of their photos: Louise Murray; Mr. Brandon Cole, the winner of the 1996 Erik Hopkins award for wildlife photography; and Dr. Fedrico Busnero, the author and photographer of Fiji, the Uncharted Sea.
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This tiny shrimp is taking a nighttime stroll on a sea whip.

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